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Preveiw button to invoke prePrint event without actual printing


Level 1


I have a form which changes a lot with the prePrint event.

Is there any way to preview the document without clicking on "print"?

I am looking for a button or checkbox which invokes the prePrint event without opening the Acrobat print settings.

A checkbox would be perfect because the user could preview the document and could uncheck the checkbox anytime in order to go back to the form.

Thanks in advance

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Level 10

I don't think this is doable. To see the form in a printet version, just print it with a PDF printer.


Level 1

That's what I am doing so far. Sadly I have forms where a lot of text is being generated and previewing is very important.

Is there a way to instantly print as PDF (e.g. in TEMP folder) and open the document with one single button?.

I guess that would come as close as possible to a preview button.