Possible to create a Message Box in response to end-user selecting "cancel" or "block" after clicking a link to a URL?



Hi all:

When an end-user clicks a link/button to connect to a URL, the security dialog automatically appears giving them the options of "Allow," "Block" or "Cancel".  Should they select "Block" or "Cancel," can we trigger a message box informing them they blocked or cancelled the connection?

With traditional message boxes, we're causing them, ie

var rtnFromBox = xfa.host.messageBox("Information is missing.\n\n Are you sure you want to continue?", "Missing Information",1,2);

if (rtnFromBox == 4){

    xfa.host.messageBox("Okay, we'll keep going.","",1,0);


But with the URL security dialog, we're not calling it from a variable - it just happens.

I guess a similar question could be applied to a "Save" button.  Where if the end-user selects "cancel" on the "Save As" dialog, a warning could pop-up reminding them to save soon.

Thoughts?  Thanks!


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Accepted Solutions (1)




I don't see a way to do this as the security dialogs are not executed by the JavaScript-API and do not return any values you could use.