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Populating Table Dynamically From Database Table Based on Dropdown Selected


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Dear All,

Need an urgent help in designing a database driven form.

I have designed a dynamic form which among other objects contains two form objects that are dependent on a Product table. These two form objects are a table and a drop-down list. The fields that are required in the form are Product Code, Product Grade and Rate.

Now the form has to be designed in such a way that all Product Grades from the Product table get populated in the drop-down list. The form should enable the user to select a single or multiple Product Grade from the drop-down list. There is also an Assign button that user need to click after selecting Item(s) from drop-down list. The actions that need to be performed are:

  • When user clicks on the Assign button, the table row(s) get populated based on Product Grade(s) selected. The first column of the table will display the selected Product Grade and the second column will display the corresponding Rate.
  • User can select multiple Product Grades from the drop-down list. In that case Product Grade and matching Rate should be displayed in multiple rows of the table.
  • Product Grade once selected cannot be selected again from the drop-down list.

I have been able to successfully display all Product Grades from the Product table in the drop-down list. But could not proceed ahead with the actions as specified above.

For the same I seek an urgent solution. Kindly mail me the solution at my mail id – saugata74@gmail.com.

Seeking the help on urgent basis.


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To allow selection of multiple items from a list of items (without allowing duplicate selections), i suggest you use a ListBox instead of a dropdown list. Dropdowns are typically useful for a single value selection out of multiple values.

To populate table values from Database dynamically you will have to make a SOAP based webservice call from within the form. There are number of examples available on internet to show you how to make WS call from the form. But - remember, you will need to use Reader Extensions on the form to make Web service call from the form. And there is an additional licensing fees for applying reader extensions to the form.

Hope it helps !