Populating Multiple Dropdown Boxes Dynamically in Multiple Table with Same Values



Dear All,

Seeking a solution that I am facing for the problem mentioned below.

I have designed a form amongst other Controls, consists of three dropdowns, Division, Department and Position. Division dropdown consists of various Departments. Now based on the selection of a Division, accordingly Department will be populated, which will be different for different Division.

On the same line, based on which Division is selected, Position dropdown will be populated. However, the Position dropdown is used in three tables, say Table2, Table3 and Table4. Each Table have 10 rows. So the same value of Position dropdown will be populated in all 10 rows of each Table across all the Three Tables. Now my Problem is that I have been successfully able to implement the intend functionality of the Position dropdown when apply for Single Table. But when I extend the same Logic to Three Tables, none of the Position dropdown gets populated.

Any help will be highly appreciated.


  1. S.Banerjee

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How are you referencing the other tables?

From your description it seems like all three tables are the same, have you changed the table names in the hierarchy?

If you are referencing the tables using this.resolveNode, you should make them diffferent names since it searches from the top of the form for the specified item. If you dont specify the table name, it wont look to another table after finding a match.