Populating a field with multiple text strings.









This is for a XML form.

I would like to populate a text field in a medical intake form. There would be a base intro to a doctor's assessment with the ability of the doctor the check off symptoms that would populate a expandable field to create a paragraph. The idea is to speed up and make more consistent the process of the medical professional entering data. As it stands now, between the chicken-scratch writing and variations in diagnosis terms, the intakes vary wildly.

So a sample sentence might be like this……….

Patient is using [symptom]. There is no evidence of [symptom] or [symptom].

The [symptom] (it could be called anything, like "item")would be clickable and bring up a box of choices I could tailor to that specific area, so there would be multiple instances of this with variations. It would trigger dialog to be opened that would contain a number of items to be selected from. That selected (or multiple if possible), would be inserted into the paragraph.

The box might look something like this....


Any assistance or pointers to more detail would be very much appreciated.

Thank you.


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