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So I am relatively new to Javascript and have gotten my head around some of the basic language and functions used for creating Forms in LiveCycle Designer ES4.

I have 4 check boxes (say "check1", check 2...), and 4 predefined arrays ( "array1", array2....).

I have a table below all these with 3 columns, (col1, col2, col3).

What I want to do is this.

When I check "check1", I want to populate col2 of the table with array1.

Then add a new row for each piece of data in the array.

I want do the same for the other checkboxes as well, adding onto the table as required.

I've tried a heap of different options, but none seem to be able to work. At this stage I can't even get one array to populate the table, let alone multiple.

This is my current code: (the commented out section was just a try for joining the arrays)

    var array1 = new Array("one","two","Three","Four","Five");

    var array2 = new Array("this","that", "and this");

    var array3 = new Array("another one");

    var array4 = new Array("Finally this");

    var k = [];


    //if(check1.rawValue == "Yes")


    //{k = k.concat(array1)}


    //if(check2.rawValue == "Yes")


    //{k = k.concat(array2)}



    (i=0; i<array1.length; i++){

    if (i>0) {Row01.InstanceManager.addInstance(1)}

    xfa.resolveNode("Table.Row01["+i+"].col2").rawValue = array1[i];


Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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