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pls Help! Adobe reader 9.0+ generated barcodes on pre-print is problem


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hi to all,

I have a really strange problem and would like to share with you.

Im generating the barcodes on the pre-print event, using LiveCycle Designer 8.0.


Everything is ok when im trying to generate 2/3/4 barcodes in my form.

The PROBLEM is if I decide to add more than 5 barcodes in my form and try to print it.

Then - when I decide to print the form and to fill the information in my barcodes - the Acrobat Reader is just closed.

No error alert..just closed. When i debugged the problem I saw that generating of barcodes is starting, but if there are more than 5 barcodes,

the adobe reader closed before all barcodes to been generating.

I do think about no enough memory, or something like that..but have no idea really what’s that.

Do u have any idea what’s that problem..

thanks in advance for yr time


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