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kerdaouiw 23-08-2015

Hi, I wanna show the author of a form in a text field. The form that i send to another user must be filled.and i must get the name of that user in text field.I am beginner in livecycle.

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Have a look at the sample in this thread


It's only going to work in an environment that you can install a "folder level" script (which is installed in the Adobe Reader (or Acrobat) install directory) ... details in the link.



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Answers (1)

kerdaouiw 26-08-2015


Thank you for answering. I downloaded the file you have sent: it works correctly. However, i created a new form and followed the same steps and the same names of botton and textfield. It didnt works. Another thing, the file you have sent run only in acrobat, is there is an idea that may work on Foxit reader.

I really appreciate your cooperation.