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CAShadle 03-03-2015

We recently purchased a second copy of LiveCycle so that I can aid in form development. I had a 60-day trial installed awhile ago (that has since been uninstalled) and everything worked fine. I could edit PDFs and then preview them right inside LiveCycle.

So a few months since the trial go by and now we decide to actually purchase it. I get it installed and open up a form to get to work - then I notice the PDF Preview tab is gone and in the "View" menu, it is grayed out. F5 also does not work.

So, after scouring the Internet, here's what I've tried so far that didn't do anything:

  1. Make sure Display PDF in Browser is checked. I don't have this option in Arobat Pro XI, but I installed Reader X and it was there and checked.
  2. Installed Acrobat before LiveCycle. Tried it, didn't work.
  3. Make sure the Adobe PDF Viewer is enabled in Internet Explorer. Done, was enabled when I checked.
  4. Reinstall all products. Uninstalled Acrobat XI, LiveCycle, and Reader. Reinstalled Acrobat XI, then LiveCycle. No luck.
  5. Set Acrobat XI as the default PDF viewer. Already done, did nothing.

We're at our wits end trying to figure this out. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Software info if needed:

  • LiveCycle Designer ES4 (individual license purchase from Adobe.com)
  • Acrobat Pro XI (acquired via Creative Cloud membership)
  • Windows 8.1

Also, as I mentioned earlier, this worked before during the 60-day trial period with the same exact software. I really have no clue why it's not working now.

Finally, this is what I see (or don't see):



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

CAShadle 06-03-2015

Hmm, that seems to make sense. Do you happen to remember what the registry keys were?

I ended up getting it working today by uninstalling and reinstalling everything - for the 3rd time. I did a restart after every uninstall / install, ran Acrobat once, disabled/enabled the Adobe PDF Reader in Internet Explorer, then started LiveCycle. I created a new form and the Preview PDF tab was there. Must have been something getting caught up when I reinstalled everything the first time.

If you do happen to remember the registry keys, could you please share them (even though my issue is fixed)? It would be great to have for future reference and for other users looking for the same issue.


Answers (5)

Answers (5)

mouslander 06-03-2015

I have had this problem in the past. It has happened when I updated LCD an then for some reason the link to Acrobat gets broken. The only way to resolve this that I am aware of is to Uninstall LCD and Acrobat and reinstall both starting with Acrobat. That still may not resolve the issue. When this happened to me I had to edit the registry, something I would recommend against unless you are very familiar with it.

mouslander 06-03-2015

Unfortunately I do not. that was some time ago. I recall going through with a search for LiveCycle or something similar. this was a few years back with older versions of LCD and Acrobat. Since then I have not had any issus