PDF Form with digtal signature is closing after signing




I have a pdf form (created in Adobe LiveCycleDesigner) with several digital signature fields,

which has to be signed by multiple users.

But after the 12th signature the file crashes and it can’t be opened.

I noticed that this happens when adobe tries to verify all other signed signatures fields within the document.

So if I decline the verification process the file can be opened but it still crashes after signing.

How can I solve this problem in Adobe LiveCycleDesigner?

Is there a way to disable the verification process so the users can still sign?

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That was my first thought too. I minimized the size of the document from 4000kb to 1200kb but the result was the same.

I also used a blank page and signed over 20 times with a digital signatuer in Acrobat and there was no problem at all.

So i think there is a bug in LiveCycle.

But thank you!



This sounds like a bug with Acrobat rather than LiveCycle. Keep in mind that every time you sign a document you essentially double the size of the document.