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PDF form Size


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I have encountered something rather strange, like to find out why:

My server is LiveCycle ES 2.5, Turnkey install (Express mode).  No customization.

I have a Dynamic PDF form (.pdf), it has ~400 objects (~300 fields, lines, texts, images and scripts), its size is ~500K.

(let's call this Form #1)

I then added 10 Text fields, 7 regular Buttons and some javascripts.

(let's call this Form #2)

What surprised me was, Form #2 (the .pdf file) now has a size of  1 Meg !!!

I only added 5% more objects, yet its size doubled.

Why the sudden explosion of the size?

When I delete those 10 fields and 7 buttons out of Form #2, its size shrinks back to ~500K.

I then went into the "XML Source" tab, saved each form's XML text into .txt file,

used P4-Merge to compare these 2 .txt files,

didn't see anything unreasonable,  #2 txt file has some extra lines, matched those extra objects perfectly.

#1 txt file has a size of ~1 Meg, #2 txt file is about 13K bigger.

Is there any way to reduce the size of #2 .pdf file?


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Perhaps you've added a few new items that utilise a different font?

Have you turned off "Embed Fonts" under File >> Form Properties >> Save Options?

Remove the tick from Embed Fonts click OK then Save.

Reduce your file size?