PDF Fillable Form created with LiveCycle-text not displayed



I created a fillable PDF form using LiveCycle, but some users say that they cannot see the pricing on the form.  The forms can be found at http://usslyspear.org/Reunions.htm.  Whether they open the document "2016 Reunion Registration Form" or "2016 Reunion Registration Form-PRINTABLE", some folks cannot see the pricing in the table to sign up for events.  One issue was discovered when using the Adobe Reader Windows "app" (Windows 8.1 & 10) - it would not display the pricing, but when they downloaded the desktop version of Adobe Reader, they could see it.  I've tried everything I can think of in LiveCycle to fix it, but since I see everything fine (I also have Adobe Acrobat XI Pro (desktop)), it's hard to know what to fix.  Outside of recreating this form, I would love to know what the problem is.  Thanks!

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