PDF file made by Adobe Livecycle Designer - how to edit?

bartoszdudziak 22-03-2019

Hi, I have got PDF file made by Adobe Livecycle Designer. Due the fact that LiveCycle is not supported anymore.. How Can I edit this PDF file?

I saw that there is something called Adobe Experience Cloud and another tool AEM Forms Designer..

I'm a litter bit confused ..

Thanks for help!

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altrue990 26-03-2019

What do you mean by dynamic? It has a very particular meaning in LiveCycle/XFA which is to grow or shrink the form based on data. Acrobat has no support for editing dynamic forms, as it can only edit AcroForms, which are static.

She_Tried_It 25-03-2019

I too have a need to edit a form created in LiveCycle Designer. I see now that it has been renamed to Adobe Experience Manager Forms (AEM Forms). Getting a trial version requires working with a sales person. Not so interested in that...

Proposed Use: We will use the dynamic form as a template in a software program that will populate the fields and spit out a completed form?

Issue: We need to edit the field behavior of some fields to allow the entry of decimal points. Right now, the fields only allow whole numbers.

My question(s):

  1. Can I take an interactive PDF form and convert it to dynamic in (AEM Forms)?
  2. Is there a way to create a new dynamic form in Acrobat? Using the (AEM Form) to start with or from scratch)
  3. Can I open the dynamic file (AEM Forms) in Acrobat and edit? Keeping it dynamic.