PDF created with Acrobat Pro but once loaded in LiveCycle broken javascript



To start I do not have Adove LiveCycle or anyway to access it.

I have a company that we use a web based tool that is an essential part of our business and they will implement or load any form we want into their system so we can use it and it will populate customer information based on their mapping. I know they use an xml token for the forms. So I created some custom forms in Acrobat Pro DC with some custom calculation scripts in them because the company we are using can only do mapping or simple calculations.

I sent them some forms and they loaded them but each text field that had a custom calculation script in it is showing up on their site with the text fields completely missing and the java-script does not work at all. Even the fields that I set a default value but no custom calculation script in is completely missing once we download them.

They provided me their mapping cheat sheet so I could map everything to their xml token and that part works fine. It is only the fields that is using any form of java-script.

How can I fix this or how can I help them understand where to implement my custom calculation script? I can happily email them the script for each field I need so all they have to do is copy and paste. Would my java-script even work if they just copied and pasted my script to that field?

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I don't see that anybody here can help with this. A LiveCycle server environment is a very complex thing with different modules and tons of settings and possibilities. You'll need a professional in your company that knows to use this specific LiveCycle environment.



Yeah and the major problem is that company don't have any clue about Java-script and I don't know how to convert it properly as some of the scripts don't have a direct conversion in LiveCycle. I found a database with what would be a conversion tool that shows Acrobat Java and what it would be in LiveCycle but too many of them have no direct conversion.

So now I am thinking of building a master text field document that is mapped to their database xml files (that they won't give me access to the xml file) but they did give me all the mapping/text field names that will pull the information that I need.

But I need to find a way to use the form I build to export the information from the master text field document to a specific folder (network folder for everyone to use) and then build the forms with an import button to import the customer database but I am the only user with Acrobat Pro so they can't just go into prepare forms and import the data (I have to build the forms with a button).

The problem so far is the import function will only import FDF files.




Uhm, it's still very vague, what exactly happens to your AcroForms when you partners are loading it into their LiveCycle environment.

In general the Livecycle forms (XFA) use a different JavaScript APIs and methods from Acrobat (AcroForms).


You can convert AcroForms into XFA forms but with limitations.  So it's better to recreate those forms in LiveCycle Designer than converting it.


However, in your case that might be useless since it 's possile that the forms then are converted into HTML5 forms again, to be hosted on a website. Here you have other limitations and a different JavaScript enviroment again. A alot of scripting methods from LiveCycle Designer are not supported in HTML5 forms.



I just know that they are using Adobe LiveCycle and the forms we send them they upload to their website that we login to. Basically it is loan documents that I am sending them that will fill in all the customer's information based on a screen we see to input all the customer and loan data. Once we are done we want to just select the documents we want to print and it would be mapped to all the information we entered earlier. The problem is some of the forms required custom calculation scripts some with if/else statements and others with other math formulas that they were unfamiliar with or didn't know how to write the script for.

All they are able to do is do basic mapping to the customer data file or simple addition math formulas. I spent over 1 hour on the phone with their "tech support" going over 1 form (with 6 pages) and barely made it through page 1 and half of it they couldn't do or figure out a work around to get the data or calculations done. So I told them to stop and I would handle writing all of the custom scripts for the forms and send them back in.

I have done this and now the forms are all broken with any field that had java-script in it. Corporately we use this company and I have no control over selecting another company to use for the data information and I was working on a solution that would eliminate another separate program we currently use to print all loan documents.