Paste from Word to fillable PDF and retain original formatting

mishab711 19-08-2013

I have created a fillable PDF form using Adobe Livecycle ES2. End users need the ability to paste into the form fields content that they have copied from Microsoft Word, keeping the original Microsoft Word formatting (including bold, underline, italics, paragraph indents, and especially tables). Of course, when they paste into the fillable PDF, all the formatting is stripped out. How can we overcome this problem? Is there something I need to do to the form fields to make them accept the formatted text and retain the formatting, or is there something that the end user needs to do when copying and pasting? If there is no way to retain the formatting, what is your recommendation for a solution or workaround? Thanks.

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mishab711 20-08-2013

Thank you! Changing the fields so that they accept Rich Text helped greatly, allowing me to copy/paste into the PDF form from Microsoft Word and retain the text formatting. However, it still does not retain the formatting/appearance of tables pasted in from Word (it just pastes in the content as a big mess with no table structure). Any help there?




you only need to activate Rich Text for the text fields in your form.

Only Rich Text supports formattings such as bold text.

You also should select a font that supports such formattings, as not every font can be displayed bold or italic.