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Password not recognized


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I've read everything I can find re: passwords for digital signatures, and most problems involved lost passwords. That isn't my problem. I have a password. The problem is that Adobe won't recognize it -- and before you ask whether I'm typing it correctly, I use a password vault that I ask to generate passwords for me and the vault enters the password. I discovered the problem yesterday when I tried to insert my digital signature into a document and got an "incorrect password" message. I didn't see how that was possible, but I went to the password vault, copied the password and pasted it into the password-request box. Still, "incorrect password."  Scoured the forums and discovered there's no way to recover a password, so even though I didn't think the one I was using was incorrect, I created a second digital signature and created a new password --  again using the vault.  The process for creating a new signature requires that the password be entered in two places, and the vault entered both. Went back to the document I was trying to sign, asked the vault to insert the password again, and ... "incorrect password."  Because I'm nothing if not determined, I created a third digital signature, but this time I entered a password myself -- taking care to avoid a typo. (That's a difficult process since you can't see what you're typing. There are only asterisks where the letters should be, but I used only one finger and typed exceedingly slowly. There was no typo.)  Tried to sign for the third time and .... "incorrect password."  I'm baffled at this point.

I'm using Windows 8.1, Acrobat XI Pro and Microsoft Office 2013 (if that last one matters).  Why won't Adobe recognize my password?

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