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passing a control value as argument in a function


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I have a procedure that I want to do every time someon exits any of my many text boxes in a form.  Basically, I want the computer to check to see if there are any spaces at the beginning of the entry, and if so, to remove them.

To do that, I wrote a Right() and Left() function, and I want to write another function SpaceTrim() that uses those Right and Left functions to accomplish this.  In general, SpaceTrim() should look something like this:



while (left(MyField.rawValue,1) == ' '){


= right(MyField.rawValue,MyField.length - 1);


I tried calling this function as SpaceClear(FieldName) and SpaceClear(FieldName.name), and neither would work.  (I didn't really expect that to work, but thought it was worth a try.)

If you want a function to operate on some object that you can specify as an argument to the function, how do you do that?  I'm hoping there's something a little more elegant than changing the object name into a string, passing that string, and then using the eval() command.  But maybe not.



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u can write using reg. exp. to remove spaces on left and right sides.

In this function strValue is FieldName.rawValue.

// Trims left and right blank spaces
function trim(strValue) {
return strValue.replace(/^\s+|\s+$/g,"");

u can also pass FieldName to that function but u have to get rawValue in the function

// Trims left and right blank spaces
function trim(fieldName) {
return fieldName.rawValue.replace(/^\s+|\s+$/g,"");

Hope this will help.