Pagination - Table in PDF does not continue to next page



I have a PDF document I am having trouble to properly format and continue to the next page, as shown in the following screenshot:


I have embedded buttons in a table at the bottom of my page. When a new row is added, it cuts off instead of continuing onto the next page.

Here are some of the settings I have in place.

Table: Allow Page Breaks Within Content is checked

Subform that table is wrapped in:

  • Content: Flowed
  • Flow Direction: Top to Bottom
  • Allow Page Breaks Within Content is checked

Overall page:

  • Content: Positioned
  • Allow Page Breaks Within Content is checked

It is my understanding that changing the overall page from Positioned to Flowed will fix this problem. However, it messes up my entire document, as I have other areas shown above the table with fields spanning across the document. Is there a way around this to get the table to continue on to the next page automatically, while maintaining the position of the rest of the content? Or is there a way to make the page flowed, while being able to re-position the content.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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