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Page numbering of multiple documents within one PDF form


Level 2

I have a PDF document that includes multiple documents. Each one has to be independently numbered on its own. First 6 pages are already numbered 1 of 6 thru 6 of 6. After that there are 4 more documents that include flowing forms, so I have to include the Page # of ## formula to count for each page as the flowing forms change the total numbers of pages.  I am unable to figure out how each one of the 4 pages account for its own pages individually.  For example:

Doc1 - pages 1 to 6. (No formula)

Doc2 - pages 1 to 2. (Page # of ## formula)

Doc3 - pages 1 to 4. (Page # of ## formula)

Doc4 - pages 1 to 3. (Page # of ## formula)

Doc5 - pages 1 to 5. (Page # of ## formula)

Thank you for your help!

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Level 10

What do you mean by „a PDF document that includes multiple documents.“? Do you have other documents attached to your PDF?