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Page Break issues with Tables


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I have created a form and am having difficulty with page break issues. I have a table that allows users to click a button to add a row this works beautifully and the text within the cell expands the cell. My issue is that I cannot figure out a couple of things;

1. When I add a small amount of text in my first row and then create a new row where I enter a lot of text, if that second row is larger than what can fit on the first page, the entire second row moves to the second page leaving the first row on the first page but with a very large blank space. I was hoping the table could break mid row at a certain point and be continued on the next page.

2. I am having trouble having the header row repeat at the top of each page. I cannot get this to work at all, so I have it set up now to copy both rows when needing to add more data. This is very redundant and takes up unnecessary space.

3. If I ad rows on to a new page and I create a lot of text, the row will expand right over my footer. I am unsure how to stop this from happening (maybe fixing problem #1 will address this)

I have a certain feature enabled that once data is entered in a row and a validation check box is clicked, the row can no longer be modified. I am thinking because of this set up it is causing issues due to the way I have structured things.

I can send a copy of the document if you think you could help. I would really appreciate the help as I have spent countless hours on this and cannot figure it out.

Thank you very much.


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