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Hello All!
I have a form with one table made up from subforms. The header subform is made up from textfields.
I set the rawValue, height and width of the "header cells" through script.
My problem is that I use this header as an overflow header. On the first page everything looks fine but on the consequent pages the body rows don’t get pushed down, they overlap the header.
The searched for a good day and tried out all the stuff I found (positioned subforms, page breaks, etc).
Is there any solution that u guys know of setting the height of the overflow header from script and the body pages do not overlap it on the second and latter pages?

I attached a pic of both pages...

Thank you very much for any suggestion!


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as you have realized yourself it is not possible to resize the Overflow leader or trailer by setting heights after the layout has been finished.The instance for the trailer/leader stays fixed, scripts are not executed again and hence the subform does not resize.

I tried to find a workaround but nothing worked. The moment the leader subform content changes height it overlaps with the repeating rows.

Generally, setting heights in dynamic content after the fact can cause issues.


In a table it calculates the row height once and then keeps it for all pages.


Even if you change the field afterwards the row height stays for the follow on pages.