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Hi all

I have created a PDF form where an email is automatically generated after pressing a button ('normal' button with the code to implement an email in it (event.target.submitForm)).

For a long period of time I did not have any issues. Many users could send out the form and Outlook opened perfectly. They all had Adobe Pro.

Now I added another user to be able to use the form and the problems occurred.

The user has also Adobe Pro and Outlook but when he clicks on the button, nothing happened.

Only the code before and after the code allowing the automatic mail to be generated, is executed.

For other users, no problems are occurring as they are able to send the mail without any problems.

Just this specific user causes troubles.

I also tried to let him use the Reader version but the same issues occured.

For that use, I Enabled the Reader rights.

Can you help me?

Thank you!

PS: I did try to turn it off and on again

Kind regards


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Accepted Solutions (1)




The problem must be in the users OS. The assignment of the mailto protocol might be missing or faulty.

Try to re-assign the mailto protocol to Outlook: https://www.groovypost.com/howto/change-default-email-app-windows-10-mailto/

If it doesn't work, a repair or reinstallation of Office might help.

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