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Hello community,

I am a beginner within this area, but I have to develop a Service form for the company I am working at and the interactive PDF I created with Adobe Acrobat DC doesn't work properly, therefore I searched for another way and found Adobe Lifecycle Designer. Before I purchase the software I wanted know a few things:

1. Is it possible to create dynamic lists, that extend themselves with formulas implemented (only calculating values for each row) and one result row?

2. Is it possible to implement some paste buttons for pictures within these dynamic lists? If so, is it possible to implement pictures while launching the interactive pdf with adobe reader? For the Acrobat form it was only possible to insert pdfs when being opened in the reader.

3. Is it necessary to open these pdfs in the Lifecycle designer to fill out forms or is this easily possible with adobe reader or with reader on an ipad?

I hope anyone can help me out and:

Thank you in advance!

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Accepted Solutions (1)




  1. You can have dynamic table rows where you can either add new rows and make the rest flow down the document. You can also make it so the row height will change if you have more text than will visibly fit. You can also auto calculate fields and get subtotals and totals etc.
  2. You can add Image Fields to your form. You can't paste in an image, but when using an image field, you click it and select the image file to insert into the form.
  3. Livecycle isn't used for filling in the forms. You won't be able to fill in any dynamic forms on a mobile device. You need to fill in the form using Acrobat Pro or Reader on a PC (and presumably Mac?). You can also fill forms in using Internet Explorer. No other browsers at this time support dynamic forms.

The forms are coded using Javascript and there is little you can't do in the form.

Hope that helps.

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Answers (3)




Thank you really much!

Just one last question:

Is it possible to fill in images with with this image field in the adeobe reader as well?

I had the problem with the acrobat file, that I could only insert PDF's when i filled it out in the Reader.

Was this problem because the form was created in Acrobat or is this an issue with the Acrobat reader?

I used this script btw:

var s = this.getField("...");


Thanks in advance!

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