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I have custom buttons with scripts that allow users to attach a file to my form. The filename appears in a ListBox. To view the file they click the filename in the ListBox and then click a button that opens the file. They can also delete the file using a third button. I have used this attachment "user interface" for years with no problems. I am now trying to use this attachment interface on a form that connects to a database.


I attach a file, then save and close the form. When I reopen the form, I get the pop-up asking if it is okay to connect to the database. If I answer no, the attachment file names still display in the ListBox. If I open the form and answer Yes to connect to hte database, the ListBox is blank. The ListBox is not bound to the database. Why does it clear what was there when I saved the file?

I tried changing the list box to a drop down object and when connecting to the databse the drop down button no longer works and the drop down is cleared of any file name.

Any help with this would be appreciated...

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