OLEDB SQL Server / Adobe Reader Connection



We have been using LiveCycle Designer ES4 to create PDF flyers for our branch managers throughout the United States.Each state has different information needed on their PDF flyer so we are using LiveCycle to populate that information and they simply choose their branch.

The PDF’s, after distribution, need to load dynamic data.  The managers will have acrobat reader.  Once the manager opens the PDF, the PDF will need to dynamically populate the options in a drop-down list by making a call to a SQL Server database, by making a call to a Web Service, or any other reasonable method to pull data from a server.  We can support several different data access methods.  We are set up with a SQL Server query at this time.

We have tested several methods, and while we can get data to pull in from the LiveCycle development tool, we have not been able to get any method to work in Reader after the PDF is distributed.  We need to be able to distribute these documents once, and make sure they stay current by loading the most recent data when the PDF is opened.

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What you ask is possible.  However, you must extend the form using LiveCycle reader extensions after it is created.  Specifically Database and Web Service Connectivity.

Acrobat reader extensions are not sufficient.