Numerical calculation affected by text value



I have a text field on my livecycle form where the user enters a postal code.

Essentially I have TOTAL (number field) that is determined from a variety of standard number calculations, but the last step is to increase the TOTAL by either 10%, 15% or 25% depending on the postal code entered in the text field (the location of the user).

In some cases the first 3 digits of the postal code are sufficient to determine which rate increase applies.  In other cases the entire 6 digits of the postal code will determine the increase.

I've never had any javascript training, just a complete novice that works with basic if / else javascript and a variety of helpful forum posts.

Since I am essentially separating postal codes into 3 groups, what's the simplest approach to doing this?   The PDF form must remain self contained (no outside links).  Thus far I have used hidden number fields for all rating.

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