Numeric Field Generating Unrelated Error



Something very odd is happening in a complex form I have been working on.

On page 1 of the form, I have a numeric field. The field is meant to display a percentage and the field has a validation pattern assigned to you to display the field correctly.

After exiting the field however, an error message is generated from an unrelated computation that may produce a divide by zero error: arithmetic over / underflow and the documentation refers to an unrelated computation on page 16 of the form.

The percentage field is used elsewhere on the form but is not associated with the two fields the error message cites in the divide by zero error.

There is no scripted or logical relationship between the fields.

All fields have unique names and there is no overlap between the percentage field and the computations on page 16.

I am perplexed at what is causing this or how to stop the user from seeing this error msg (if the user selects ignore, the form works fine).

Any ideas would be appreciated.

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