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Not sure why this isn't calculating..


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Three columns...

In time

Out Time

Total Time (calculate based on in and out entered)

           <field name="hours1" w="18.182mm" h="10.04mm" access="readOnly">



                        <border presence="hidden">

                           <?templateDesigner StyleID aped0?></border>




                  <font typeface="Myriad Pro"/>

                  <margin topInset="1mm" bottomInset="1mm" leftInset="1mm" rightInset="1mm"/>

                  <para vAlign="middle" hAlign="center"/>



                     <corner thickness="0.1778mm"/>



                     <script>if( HasValue(spec1b) &amp; HasValue(spec1a) ) then

// compute time difference in minutes

var TimeDiff = (Time2Num(spec1b.formattedValue, "h:MM A") - Time2Num(spec1a.formattedValue, "h:MM A")) / (1000 * 60)

// truncate to hours

var HourDiff = Floor(TimeDiff / 60)

// get minutes less than 60

var MinDiff = Mod(TimeDiff, 60)

// build fomatted dispaly string

Concat( Format("Z9", HourDiff), ":", Format("99",MinDiff) )


// if any values missing null the output






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I'm almost ashamed to admit how long it took to figure this one out.

Your outputting the value to a numeric field. Change your field to a text field, and it works just fine.


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Thank you!

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