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New Update


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When might the next SDK update be available. I am egar to
finish my first project with cocomo and there are two features that
you advised will be included. Additional user information and the

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Hi ,

We plan to have the next SDK update soon. That will have
functionality for adding custom user fields in userdescriptors.


Hironmay Basu


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Would it be a matter of weeks or months for the new


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We are looking to finish our project by the end of the


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Hi, is there any news on the update.


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Hi ukkpower,

It's pretty hard for us to give you specific dates - it's
not really something companies like when we do. That said, I think
if you're targeting the end of the month, you should assume we're
not going to be ready. Sorry to leave you hanging. You should still
be able to do your own user information with a sharedModel. I don't
remember promising Avatars - what were the specifics to what you
needed here?




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Sure, I appriciate not being able to commit to a date. I was
hopeing not to use the shared model as I was finding it difficult
to get it to work with my skill level. However I will give it
another look. It just seems so much simpler with using the user
information and avatar functions.

As regards to the avatar function, in an earlier post I had
asked about both the user info and the avatar functions as I could
not get them to work. Your reply was that they were not ready and
would be included in the next update.

In my app currently I have the function of capturing an image
of the user from their webcam as part of the login procedure. This
image will be displayed along side their user name and their
location as part of a grid of logged in users to chat to.

I will try and work around it, thanks.