Need to unlock all fields after submission for further edits



Hi. I'm a newbie to Livecycle Designer and I've taken over a project from someone else no longer with my company. It is an insertion order form built in Lifecycle Designer that locks all fields after submission. I've been tasked to make this form unlockable for further edits. I've tried creating a button in the form that does this:

Submit button code:



Unlock button code:


It doesn't seem to work. Any help would be much appreciated.

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     Thanks for the response, Mattias. Yep, it was referencing the myScriptObject variable which I eventually found further down the hierarchy and after some modification of the script I was able to resolve my issue in a more elegant manner.

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Those lines of code simply refer to a separate script object that the person who created the form have created. If you look in your hierarchy tree, the you will find "myScriptObject" furthest down in the hierarchy (generally) under a category called Variables. This is simply a object that can be filled with functions governing your form.

It will be in that script object that any code to do any kind of locking actually exists.

For anyone to be able to see what has been done and why it doesn't work you need to supply that code.