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Need to send text string to new row in expandable table


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I have a table that is a summary of other choices made throughout the document.  For specific check boxes in the form, there is a defined phrase that needs to be sent to a new row in the summary table.

The general idea is that for checkbox:


if (this.rawValue == "1") {


this.resolveNode("form1.sfApp6.tableApp6A.Row1[*].ddApp6A1c").rawValue = "Blue bottle";


This needs to be something I can specify for each applicable checkbox (each will have a different text string), but I don't know what the final count is going to be (depends on choices made by the user) so I can't delete rows in the table and start over every time.  It needs to be additive.

Any suggestions?

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I tried to do a rowcount and then set the target row at rowcount+1, but then I couldn't figure out how to send the text to the target row.

//count rows

var numberOfRows = form1.sfApp6.tableApp6A.Row1.instanceManager.count;

//add row


//Set target

var targetRow = numberofRows+1;


Level 2

For anyone needing the same thing, I found exactly what I needed:


The hardest part of getting it working was figuring out how many parent levels I needed to add since I have a heavily layered form.