Need to hide a table in a dynamic form








Hi Guys,

I am brand new at using LiveCycle ES4 and have been updating a dynamic form. Here is where I am at:

I have the table with the content built in a dynamic form.

I need the form to perform: when the user checks a check box a specific row in the table shows; when the box is unchecked the row is hidden. I have this set as an action at the check boxes using the row as the object and this seems to be working


When I preview the form, the entire contents of the table (all 23 rows) are visible- as soon as I check and un-check the check boxes, the table appropriately hides and is visible like I set the actions to do.

My question:

Is there a setting to hide the table and only have the specific rows show when the boxes are checked, where my users don't have to check and un-check the boxes to get the contents of the table to hide? Basically I need to hide the entire table unless a check box is checked, and then I need the row that relates to that check box to be visible.

Please help and thank you!


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