Need help with figuring out what type of license is needed for barcodes



Dear All,

Could you please help me to identify what kind of license do I have to buy to solve my problem.

I am developing a feature which does the following.

1) There is an HTML form with some fields.

2) This HTML form has PDF template bound to the form. It means that PDF document with PDF form was created in Adobe Acrobat Pro and the fields in PDF form corresponds to the fields in HTML form.

3) User fills in HTML form and click "submit" button.

4) During HTML form submit, PDF form is filled in with the values from HTML form.

Everything works fine except of barcode field. Barcode field is displayed correctly only before entering any data to the PDF forms. After entering the value to any field which is related to barcode - barcode is being replaced with grey rectangle.

I have researched Adobe forum and understand that some kind of license is needed.

Could you please help with identifying what exactly do I need to buy?

I was using Adobe Acrobat Pro (I do not need LiveCycle at this moment) for creating one PDF document with PDF form for testing purposes.

I do not plan to create PDF documents with PDF forms (our customers do this), but I need 1-2 forms for testing with working barcodes.

What license do I need for these several PDF forms with barcodes?

Thanks in advance,


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