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dear members,

following is our requirement:

we are providing  a .NET based solution to an organization. we also require to develop & provide adobe eForms for capturing data.

target audience use adobe reader latest version as part of their daily work.

I have gone through adobe livecycle designer forms and adobe acroforms.

Using livecycle designer, forms can be designed.

I did not find much advantage with acroforms over livecycle forms.

Q1) could you guide me what is difference between forms designed using adobe acrobat (DC) and adobe LC. which is preferrable in which scenario.

Our approach to eForms is following

-> user downloads eForm from .NET based portal

-> user fills in eForm and saves PDF in his local desktop for his reference

-> user shall be able to generate xml from the filled eForm using adobe reader

-> user attaches generated xml data file in .NET based portal

-> data is imported into the system(RDBMS) using .NET code

For various reasons, user cannot publish data directly from eForms and it needs to be done through portal only.

Q2)I have observed that using LC designer would not be sufficient since import data rights need to be granted to the forms. I am looking to evaluate following scenario

-> eForm is developed using LC designer

-> rights are granted to the form using LiveCycle server

Q3)what is difference between ES2 and ES4. will support be provided for ES2.

I have looked for trial version in adobe site, did not get much help.

Tried calling executive, they are not taking call.

Could you validate the approach and choice of adobe software for given problem statement.

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Q1) LiveCycle uses an XML based technology to build forms (called XFA), while Acroforms is an extension of the core PDF standard. XFA has more features than Acroforms at this time. For your purposes, either will work.

Q2) I believe the Import / Export restriction applies equally to Acroforms and XFA forms. Using Acrobat lifts these restrictions.

Q3) ES4 is the last version of LiveCycle. The new product is called AEM. You can download a trial using these instructions:

LiveCycle Blog: AEM Forms Designer Demoversion//AEM Forms Designer Trial