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I used to use Mircrosoft Word to create document templates that would take information from an Excel Spread Sheet and populate the document with the data. It was very easy. I would simply have to write    Dear [[First Name]],         and the brackets would be filled in by whatever was in the data field, regardless of its length and the comma would move closer or farther away from the word "Dear" depending on how much space the name took up.

I am working with a new CRM called Vanillasoft which requires that all document templates be created from PDF Documents. Unfortunately the forms are VERY RESTRICTIVE. The form fields can only display as much information as the size of the field allows. In my reading, it seems that this can be overcome in LiveCycle and designing XML. This involves the writing of a lot of code. I am not a programmer or developer and have no experience in doing this. Is there not a user friendly, consumer level product or patch that can help me write a document template properly and simply convert it to the format needed by vanillasoft?



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