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My table cell won't break when handling large amount of text- Ideas?


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I'm hoping that there is a quick solution for this problem that I'm not seeing.

I have a form with a table object where one of the table body rows contains a text field that needs to break across a page. Right now it works as long as the text field doesn't get too large. However, on rare occassions the text field needs to store 2-3 pages worth of data. When I test this out, the field won't break from the second to third page.

I can't show you the actual form, but I created an example form that gives you the idea of what is happening. (Not sure how to attach...)

Is there an easy fix for this?

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Ok. Here is a link to my file at box.net:

http://www.box.net/shared/zzr7uisftaq1tgle34rp    (is there a better way to share a file? i don't care for box.net)

When you open the file, scroll to the second page to see the text field with the large amount of data.



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To my knowledge no field type in LC is designed to handle this(page breaks) kind of situation....however there other techniques(combination of techniques) you can use to achieve your results....

Look at "full" event and then overflow lead and overflow trailer....guessing you can use full event to write your script to find out remaining text and then populate a hidden subform(which should also continue to repeat on multiple pages) also will do the same full event again and again until all the text is displayed.

Please share what you findout.


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I can get this to break without special script by scrapping the table format and arranging subforms and textfields to look like a table.

Please see my example:


However, because of some other formatting issues that arise when I scrap the table format, I'm trying to avoid using this approach.