My dropdown lists are keeping the default in view when other choices selected.









I designed a form in Livecycle ES4 with dropdown lists. When an option other than the default is chosen, the default remains in view and will save and or print with both choices showing which makes neither legible.

This is occuring even in the livecycle PDF preview.

The final form will be saved in Adobe Pro XI as reader enabled for extra features.

I found this instruction following in the Adobe Reader forum.

Can I use this in Livecycle Designer ES4 to fix the problem stated above? If so, how.


"Another possible solution would be to include the following line at the very top of your populating script for the dropdown:

1.   this.clearItems();

his.clearItems(); This would clear the list when the event fires the second time in the Reader Enabled form and then just populate it again once."

Please advise, I really need a solution to this issue.

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