Multiple Versions of Reader and Acrobat on Same Computer

Brian3_14 07-03-2015

Hi all:

Any suggestions on how to set-up multiple versions of Reader and Acrobat on the same computer to test forms created in LiveCycle Designer?

I'm designing a form for use in Acrobat/Reader 9 or higher - wish I could start at 10, but oh well.  I'm on Windows 8.1 with Acrobat X and Reader 11.

It's my understanding that Adobe doesn't recommend having multiple versions of reader and/or multiple versions of Acrobat on the same computer.

Maybe there's a way to install Acrobat 9 in a different location than the Acrobat 10 that I'm currently using?

Wondering how everyone else does their version testing.



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mouslander 07-03-2015

I used to be possible to have multiple versions of Reader on one machine but not Acrobat at least on not on a PC. I am not sure if you still can install multiple versions of Reader. The only other way to do it would be with a virtual machine but that is complex to set up