Multiple signature validations



I have a form that either the Human Resources or the Requesting college has to approve before you can email it to Grant and contracts.  On the button that emails i have the following validation to make sure that the signature is filled in.  It can be one of 2 signatures.  when you click the button it will work for the Human Resources field but not for the College approval field.   I can't figure out what is wrong!  any help greatly appreciated!

if (HRApproval.HRSigField.presence == "visible")

{var getSigField ="form1[0].HRApproval[0].HRSigField[0]");

var oState = getSigField.signatureValidate();

if (oState == 0)

{"Human Resources Approval Required");}}

if  (CollegeApproval.CollegeSigField.presence == "visible")

{var getSigField1 ="form1[0].CollegeApproval[0].CollegeSigField[0]");

var oState1 = getSigField1.signatureValidate();

if (oState1 == 0)

{"Requesting College Approval Required");}}

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