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Multiple barcodes in a form


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Hi All,

We have a requirement to use multiple barcodes in a form, and that too form is dynamic one. when we extract data out of these barcodes we get the content list (xml list), now is there any straight forwards approach to merge these individual list elements into a single XML which we will be using to re-merge with the form. (currently i am accessing each element as contentlist[0],contentlist[1].... which is not the right approach)

I am setting the format for the barcodes as XML as we need to preserve the hierarchy of the schema.  Can anyone please advise the approach the i need to take in case of handling these multiple barcodes

Thanks in Advance

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What I typically do in the case where there are multiple barcodes on a form is use the label as the parent element to the rest of the fields on the form. Loop through each of the barcodes in the results from the decode and then place each of them into their own result node of a single XML document. Doing this, you can change the number of barcodes on your form without having to re-code.