Modify Submit button to pick up data fromLiveCycle form field



When a user clicks on “Submit by Email” button, I would like to have at “Outlook subject” filled out using

Project number “data field on the form.(Project Number : 123)

How do I modify the “Submit by Email” button on a LiveCycle form?

Thanks, you so much

My Product Information:
Live Cycle Designer, Windows

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You can use variables to fill parameters of the mailDoc method with data from from fields.

var cTo = Textfield1.rawValue,

    cSub = "Put in your mail subject here...",

    cMsg = "Put in your mail message here...\n\nKind regards\n"; // \n is for line breaks{

bUI: false,

    cTo: cTo,

    cSubject: cSub,

    cMsg: cMsg,

    cSubmitAs: "PDF"