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Jodi1725 15-12-2015

Hey All!

Happy Holidays!

I am having an issue with Javascript.  I will need to send my form to the lucky person who decides to tackle this.

I have a radio button labled Springfield in my form.  If you look at the script editor there is nothing showing in the javascript field.

If you preview the form and click the button, it show verbiage as if there is.

I am afraid someone is going to tell me the form is corrupted

But if someone can look at it and let me know if I am missing something or if I am going crazy that would be great!

Thank you!


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alassir 16-12-2015

Hi Jodi,

in the javascript window, expand the dropdown "events with scripts" and select the one (or more) with an * at the end. There you should find the javascript code.

In case that not, please post a link to the form.