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Microphone still not working in mobile projects


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I can't get my microphone audio for my webcam to work.  I have simplified the application to just entering a  room one as the owner publishing audio / subscribing and the other user publishing/subscribing.  When I demo this on my galaxy tab 10.1 my video works fine and I have rear camera (No audio).  Trying this on my playbook video works fine and I have front camera, but no audio.  When I run it through the adl, there are greyed out buttons displaying in the middle of my webcamera Detect and Close which of course my webcam on my mac doesnt fire-up, but hey it does on the device.  Code is below trying to figure out why I still don't have audio in my session.  Yes, I know the code is the for the guest login, I have tried inserted dev credentials with no difference.

Screen shot 2011-12-19 at 8.16.53 AM.png

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

<components:View xmlns:fx="http://ns.adobe.com/mxml/2009"

                 xmlns:s="library://ns.adobe.com/flex/spark" xmlns:components="spark.components.*" xmlns:session="com.adobe.rtc.session.*"

                 xmlns:authentication="com.adobe.rtc.authentication.*" xmlns:pods="com.adobe.rtc.pods.*"








                private function onAudioClick(p_evt:MouseEvent):void{


                    if ( p_evt.currentTarget.label == "Start Audio" ) {


                        audioPub.useEchoSuppression = false ;

                        p_evt.currentTarget.label = "Stop Audio" ;

                    }else if (p_evt.currentTarget.label == "Stop Audio" ){


                        p_evt.currentTarget.label = "Start Audio" ;











        <s:State name="State1"/>



    <session:ConnectSessionContainer id="cSession" autoLogin="true"

                                                  width="100%" height="100%"






        <authentication:AdobeHSAuthenticator userName="Guest"/>



          <pods:WebCamera   width="100%" height="100%"  />

        <collaboration:AudioSubscriber  id="audioSub" connectSession="{cSession}" publisherIDs="{[audioPub]}" />

        <collaboration:AudioPublisher id="audioPub" connectSession="{cSession}" gain="100" />

        <s:Button label="Start Audio" click="onAudioClick(event)"  />







Output from my console when logging in as a guest, seems to give me the right credentials, (auto-promote) just no audio.  I removed the stuff with account name. 

08:20:11 GMT-0500tempNetStatusHandler 0/2,NetConnection.Connect.Success
08:20:11 GMT-0500isTunneling? false
08:20:11 GMT-0500is using RTMPS? false
08:20:12 GMT-0500  .user descriptor from server [object]
08:20:12 GMT-0500    \\
08:20:12 GMT-0500    .userID [string]= GUEST-EC6C9E09-CCC0-4E58-BC15-3D67EB355442
08:20:12 GMT-0500    .affiliation [number]= 5
08:20:12 GMT-0500    .displayName [string]= Guest
08:20:12 GMT-0500    .role [number]= 50
08:20:12 GMT-0500RECEIVENODES UserManager
08:20:12 GMT-0500receiveAllSynchData UserManager
08:20:12 GMT-0500RECEIVENODES FileManager
08:20:12 GMT-0500receiveAllSynchData FileManager
08:20:12 GMT-0500checkManagerSync:[object FileManager]
08:20:12 GMT-0500RECEIVENODES AVManager
08:20:12 GMT-0500receiveAllSynchData AVManager
08:20:12 GMT-0500checkManagerSync:[object StreamManager]
08:20:12 GMT-0500RECEIVENODES RoomManager
08:20:12 GMT-0500receiveAllSynchData RoomManager
08:20:12 GMT-0500checkManagerSync:[object RoomManager]
08:20:12 GMT-0500checkManagerSync:[object UserManager]
08:20:13 GMT-0500RECEIVENODES default_WebCamera
08:20:13 GMT-0500receiveAllSynchData default_WebCamera



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Hi Anthony,

Can you share more details, Like the flash player or AIR version on your tablet.

Can you also test your code on a desktop to ensure there are no errors and exceptions. I am guessing the code is stuck at an error, that is not displayed by your app.

I am hoping you are using the right SDK swc that matches with your Flash player. Also can you ensure that you are using the latest SDK.

One another thing, can you change your code (remove publisherIDs line from the AudioSubscriber.

<collaboration:AudioSubscriber  id="audioSub" connectSession="{cSession}" publisherIDs="{[audioPub]}" />


<collaboration:AudioSubscriber  id="audioSub" connectSession="{cSession}"  />




Level 2

adobe air on my tablet

I am using the new mobile sdk

Changed the code, still no audio.  Is there a configuration method which turns up logging of the device to see if its polling the microphone?