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Master Pages & Headers and Footers


Level 2

I have a two page form that I am constructing.  In the footer of the first page I intend to have the word "FRONT" written in a text field and "BACK" for the second page.  I have set up two master pages that I would like to associate with their respective page in design view.  However, I am unable to utilize the functions in the pagination tab to associate the two master pages with the two design view pages.  Any advice on what I should do or what I am doing wrong?

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Level 10

May be this can help you.. You need to choose the "Top of Page" and set it to the Master page that you want that page to be on..





Level 2

Thank you for the response but alas it was not what I needed.  Ultimately the problem is not what to do (as I know what I need to do) but

the problem is how do I get to that point to do what I need to do.  My pagination tab for any of the master pages is not active (as in all the features are darkened out and nothing I can do will allow me to activate those features).  There lies my confusion as to how I should proceed.