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Master page content area height


Level 2


I have a subform within a master page content area,

The subform has table which i allowed the content to break to the next page.

When i try to get the height of the subform it only gives me the height from the first page and ignores the rest on other pages the table broke to.

I need the height of the subsequent pages in order to position another subform at the bottom of the last page.

Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Tharage Ntakadzeni

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Level 4

John Brinkman's blog is not available any more. "John Brinkman" is unknown to Adobe.

Does anyone know how to determine a content area's height?

And: How do I find out which content area a particular subform is placed on (I suppose that this information is only available after layout ....). I am looking for a function

[Background: I would like to calculate in a conditional break how many more rows are to come. Conditional breaks are executed before the layout-ready. Therefore we cannot use xfa.layout.h and such in conditional breaks. I would like to fill a variable in the initialize-event with the content area's height.]


Level 10

John Brinkman's blog is back, you may need to use the layout-ready event as the actual dimensions wont be know at initialize time.