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I am trying to make a dynamic form that is expandable. I have succeeded in creating expanding fields, but have been unsuccessful in convincing those fields to flow on to the next page (which I have added). I have set all the content for my fields to flowed and have allowed page breaks in all of them. I suspect there might be a pagination issue, but I have not found any solid information about how to use it correctly. If I select any option other than the default in pagination (while the subform at the bottom of the page is selected), the whole form disappears. I realize I may have some inherent flaws in my design and will perhaps need to start over, but if anyone had a list of requirements for making things flow to the next page (after a set margin at the bottom of the page, i.e. at 1" from the bottom, the field entry splist, and continues at 1" from the top of page 2), I would be grateful.


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I wondered if you might be able to help me solve another flow issue? I've got my form working quite well now, but I', having an issue with the text fields. My fields have captions that ask a question, and the response should be in the field. I wondered if there was a way to make the text fields wrap onto the beginning of the next line as they expand, rather than going onto the next line at the limit of the text field. For example-


What is your favorite color?: (the response continues here and goes all the way to the end and on to the next

line and continues here.

rather than-

what is your favorite color?: text text etc etc

                                          text text text etc etc.

Does that make any sense? Is it possible? Should I throw this to the forum?