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Good day to all

I'm trying to make text fields mandatory while having a rawValue. I know that mandatory works only if the field is empty. I tried the code that will make the field empty when clicked/entered but I want the error message to pop up after I exit the field or after I save the form. Also, the fields have a validation (e.g., date, time and phone number). I also need the field be mandatory IF the previous field is filled in.


One more, is there any way to make signature field mandatory? I tried the invisible field method but I can't make it work. My form have multiple signature fields and doesn't have a submit button


Here's the sample row in my form

Name                 Phone number       Signature             Date                  Time

___________     (000) 000-0000     ____________     YYYY/MM/DD   00:00 AM

Can anyone help me on this one? Thanks in advance 🙂

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Accepted Solutions (1)





If you mean that your text fields have a value because you have assigned them "(000) 000-0000" or the like, then you may want to use a null display pattern.

So a display pattern of:

null{'(000) 000-0000'}

will have the same effect, but the mandatory test will still work.



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