Looping through subforms to hide subforms containing an unchecked Checkbox



Hi all! I am stuck and would love a little help. I have a form with about 5 levels of subforms. I'm trying run a script with a button click that loops through each subform and hides any subforms that contain an unchecked Checkbox. Here is my hierarchy:


So far, I've created a script object called "hide" that has this:

function ToggleRows(reset){

     var Rows = form1.page1.middle.ADDITIONS.EMR.Checkboxes.cb.all;

     var curRow;

     for (var i=0; i<Rows.length; i++){

          curRow = Rows.item(i);

          if (curRow.cb.rawValue == 1){

               curRow.presense = "hidden";}


               curRow.presense = "visible";}



My button is in the "top" subform, and contains this text:


Any guidance on this would be greatly appreciated!

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Good news.  Make sure you have "Show console on errors and messages" set in Acrobat, under Edit ... Preferences ... JavaScript as you should have seen a "reset is not defined" message



Just some thoughts....

You could also try specifically naming your subforms rather than using the autonumbering when the same name is used. I found that the number in square brackets in an object name interfered with the reference to an instance which is also a number in square brackets.

Eg: instead of cb[1], have cb1 etc

Using resolveNode has also fixed some issues i have had as well with subforms.