Looking for Interop.ACRODISTXLIB.dll

dwights74134016 14-07-2017

1. Is the Interop.ACRODISTXLIB.dll library still being distributed with the current version of Acrobat? (This permits programmatic distillation.)

2. Is it being distributed under a new assembly name? (Have not found any references to it beyond 2010.)

3. If it still exists, does the Acrobat installation make it immediately ready for COM-referencing within a C# application?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

dwights74134016 15-07-2017

Sorry, I found it. It is provided as the distiller COM reference within Visual Studio after AcrobatDC has been installed. Look for "distiller" in the COM references instead of "Interop.ACRODISTXLIB".

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