Long Text Field Flowing incorrectly to next page

christiaan1981 10-09-2009

Hi Guys,

I have checked the "Allow Page Breaks within Content" in a subform. I include a text field in the subform and checked "Allow multiple lines" so if the long text cannot fit in the text field within one page, it will continue to next page. The problem now is the content in the second page is not continue from the first page, but it is copy the content from first page.

For example: 8 lines need to fit into text field. Only 5 lines can fit into text field in first page. Then the line 6-8 should continue in second page. Yes, the text field have 3 lines in second page, but not line 6-8, it copies the line 1-3 from the first page.

Anyone have experience on this or anyone can help me?


South Africa

Answers (10)

Answers (10)

horst_71 01-10-2009


I found a solutions to my problem (and posted it also to the SAP-SDN forum).

I changed following setting in the LiveCycle Designer (in Netweaver Dev. Studio):
edit->Form Properties->Defaults->Preview->Preview Type->Choose Print Form (instead of Interactive Form)

I prepared some XML-Data and used the preview: voila - no scrollbars!

Since we only create PDF for printing the result is ok.

Update: Only in preview mode the scrollbar is missing not when I use it in server application (web dynpro - ads).


horst_71 01-10-2009

Hi Paul,

we are having the same probem with LCD 7.1. We use readonly PDF  for printout.

The long long text wraps to the next page but in this page of the long text starts from the beginning and does not show the rest of the text.

I also get scrollbars when I select the long text which ridiculous for print only PDF.

I was looking for the settings you have made within the Designer to get the pagination correctly but did not find any.

Could you please descibe the settings you made?



christiaan1981 15-09-2009

Hi There!

I have got the strangest problem now...

I changed my form as per the modiefed .pdf you sent last.  Thank you!  Now, when I preview this in the Adobe LiveCycle designer and enter test data, the overflow works correctly!  But, when I view it in our Portal (where it will be displayed for the users) it still displayes incorrectly... See the attatched screenshot. As soon as the text starts to overflow, it starts from the beginning ....

I have even downgraded my Adobe reader from 9 to 8 thinking it might be the problem...

Andy advice?

Kind Regards,


christiaan1981 11-09-2009

Hi There!

Here is a saved copy of my form.  See the field with the LONG text.  Once it overflows onto the next page,  you have to scroll to read everything...

Many tks!